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Delivering trials with greater enrollment certainty

We understand the challenges of finding the right patients for your dermatology clinical trial. A patient population largely treated by primary care physicians. Increasingly specific inclusion, exclusion and diversity criteria. Intense competition for sites and patients. A lack of quality referrals. 

Dermatology clinical trials across the globe are struggling to enroll the right patients. The simple truth? Traditional enrollment approaches are not meeting the needs of dermatology clinical trials.

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In the past five years, our dermatology team has performed trials for 28 pharmaceutical and biotech companies across all regions, including North America, South America, Europe and Asia-Pacific.

Why AES for dermatology patient enrollment and sites?

Tough challenges demand innovative solutions. At the core of our solution is our understanding of and access to the patients you seek. Our database of 100 million households includes over six million opted-in patients with dermatological conditions. We know who they are, where to find them, what their preferences are and, most importantly, how to provide them with a superior clinical trial experience.

Add to this our dermatology team’s vast clinical trial experience, a network of dermatologists who provide patient referrals and serve as investigators, and our proprietary pre-screener platform to help dermatology patients more accurately report their level of disease.

AES Experience in Dermatology

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Example Dermatology Indications:

Alopecia, atopic dermatitis, dermatitis, juvenile psoriasis, plaque psoriasis, postherpetic neuralgia, psoriasis 

Indication details# Trials# of Sites# of Randomized Patients
Atopic dermatitis40+350+1,000+

Increasing competition and complexity in dermatology clinical markets

Many dermatology clinical markets are seeing unprecedented competition for patients and sites. For example:

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Moderate to severe atopic dermatitis development landscape

In the moderate to severe atopic dermatitis development landscape, more than 75 companies have ongoing programs. As of May 2021, the pipeline includes 28 compounds in Phase I trials, 48 compounds in Phase II and 7 compounds in Phase III.1

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Plaque psoriasis development landscape

In the plaque psoriasis development landscape, more than 30 companies have ongoing programs with more than 45 compounds in development, demanding more than 23,000 patients as of a May 2019 analysis2.

Advanced solutions are needed to overcome difficult enrollment challenges

To recruit for these highly competitive trials, the traditional model of relying on sites to find patients – which is ill-equipped to meet the needs of trials across most indications – is particularly ineffective. Atopic dermatitis trials, for example, often face these additional enrollment challenges:

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Narrower inclusion/exclusion criteria

As the atopic dermatitis market grows more competitive, segmenting distinct patient subpopulations that would benefit disproportionately from a new treatment option is a strategy increasingly used to differentiate assets under development to generate a data package demonstrating efficacy and safety to facilitate regulatory approval while also providing evidence to support reimbursement

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Lack of referrals

The patient population is predominantly treated by primary care physicians—who may or may not be in consultation with dermatologists—and who are rarely engaged in dermatology clinical research3

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Pediatric patient populations

Trials involving children and adolescents, common patient populations for atopic dermatitis, may encounter additional barriers to enrollment, including lack of parental trust and unique psychosocial needs4

How we meet the unique challenge of dermatology trials

Using a patient-first approach, we combine unrivaled data and modeling, targeted direct-to-patient recruiting efforts, and standardized patient pre-screening processes to quickly identify, recruit, and pre-screen the patients most likely to enroll.  Specific to enrollment of dermatology patients, our solution includes:

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Proprietary pre-screener

A proprietary pre-screener to help patients more accurately report their level of disease, improving the quality of referrals to sites

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Proprietary database

A proprietary database with permissioned data from 100 million households (includes 5.1 million+ patients self-reporting atopic dermatitis and 5.4 million+ patients self-reporting psoriasis)

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Clinical research experience

Clinical research experience combined with deep dermatology expertise, employing a network of dermatologist partners for referrals and as investigators (includes more than 50 dermatologists in 12 countries)

AES offers a superior dermatology trials solution

AES offers two options for your dermatology trial: Our Patient Recruitment provides direct-to-patient recruiting to non-AES research sites. Our Integrated Network & Patient Recruitment solution expands on the Patient Recruitment solution foundation and recruits patients directly into AES’ Clinical Research Network.

Whether you select your own sites or AES dedicated research sites that offer dermatological expertise, our solutions combine the ideal competencies to provide greater certainty of enrolling patients and meeting timelines.

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Expertise and experience

Proven dermatology clinical research expertise and experience

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Specialist engagement

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Quality and consistency

Assurance of quality and consistent study conduct across all sites