The new standard in clinical trial productivity.

More patients from fewer sites in less time.

AES owns a proprietary database containing fully identified patient data. And we own a global site conduct organization. Put them together and you get a unique solution for global patient delivery that offers certainty of budget, time, speed, and quality.

Synexus and Acurian are now AES.

With global reach, Synexus now represents our growing site conduct services. It’s the same great sites, now part of AES solutions.

Acurian now represents our core patient enrollment services, available globally. These services are built on the foundation provided by our proprietary database of fully identified patient data.

The strong legacy of these companies is now reflected in our full suite of AES services. Combined, these services address site selection and patient enrollment-resulting in a new standard of clinical trial productivity.

Global Site and Enrollment Services


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Combined site conduct and patient access solution

SynexusPlus is the site conduct and patient access solution designed to eliminate the greatest impediment to clinical trial success: non-enrolling and under-enrolling research sites. Through proprietary feasibility and high-enrolling global sites, SynexusPlus delivers up to 100% of the patients you need, in less time and from a more efficient site footprint, all under a results-based contracting model. This combined solution is best suited for clinical trial sponsors or CROs who are in the trial planning phase and have not yet determined their strategy for sites and countries.

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Combined CRO, site conduct, and patient enrollment services

PatientAdvantage is a comprehensive, accelerated clinical trial strategy, based on a patients-first approach. This combined solution includes patient enrollment, global sites, and core CRO services, and delivers up to 100% of the patients needed. The results are increased speed and budget certainty, including fixed price contracts that cover both direct and indirect fees at a price per patient. PatientAdvantage, for sponsors who fully outsource, should be engaged in the trial planning phase to maximize the benefits of this combined solution.


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Synexus Site Services

Global site services (minimum of five sites)

Synexus is our global site conduct solution for clinical trials, helping biopharmaceutical and CRO customers find the right patient for the right trial at the right time.  The Synexus global site services business includes over 180 clinical research facilities, providing data-driven site selection and activation expertise across the US and Mexico, South America, Europe, Asia, and South Africa.

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Acurian Patient Engagement

Trial enrollment solution

Acurian is a leading full-service trial enrollment solution, offering a patient-centric approach to increase the enrollment performance of trial sites. Site enrollment rates increase by an average of 50% using this approach that rapidly sources, pre-screens, and delivers high-quality patients who live near – but are unknown to – clinical research sites. Fully identified data is at the heart of the solution and includes more than 100 million households with one or more opted-in patients, and more than 20 million patients who have already pre-screened across thousands of previous clinical trials.