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Patient Recruitment

Our Integrated Network & Patient Recruitment solution recruits patients directly into AES sites

Wouldn’t it be easier to manage your trial if you had a single solution for both your clinical trial sites and your patients? Our Integrated Network & Patient Recruitment solution expands our patient recruitment foundation and recruits patients directly into AES research sites. This single, centrally managed solution simplifies your trial execution and improves your patient recruitment and retention in clinical trials.  

With our Integrated Network & Patient Recruitment solution, your clinical trial will have access to more than 150 AES high-enrolling research sites throughout the world, dedicated exclusively to clinical research. Together we’ll select the optimal sites for your study to ensure you can achieve global scale through one easily managed, single site contract.

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Purpose-built sites to support large volumes of patients

Standardized global procedures for consistency

Unlike the traditional model of combining disparate physicians’ practices and sites, our sites are purpose-built and staffed by research-dedicated investigators and teams. You can be reassured knowing that your study team is focused on ensuring patient safety and data quality as well as delivering a superior experience for each patient.

Single centrally managed solution for clinical trial sites and patients

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Standardized processes

Standardized processes designed for consistent operations and quality worldwide

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Fast patient enrollment

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Wider geographic reach

Wider geographic reach with closer control of your research sites