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Finding and Engaging the Right Sites

Selecting the right sites

Finding and engaging the right research sites is one of the biggest operational challenges. Sites are often scattered around the world with little consistency in processes and collaboration. With the average Phase III trial now involving 87 sites across 14 countries and collecting close to four million data points and 40 percent of investigators choosing not to conduct more trials annually1, you are likely struggle to enroll and execute your trial consistently across sites. It’s vital that sites operate efficiently and use standardized procedures to meet study timelines, while not compromising on quality.

Our Integrated Network & Patient Recruitment solution recruits patients directly into AES-owned research sites through a centrally managed solution that integrates our patient recruitment and research sites, utilizing one partner. When your study requires sites in multiple countries to ensure multi-country approval, our solution simplifies trial execution through a single contract that covers all sites. Each of our sites also deploys consistent standard operating procedures and collaborates with other sites to eliminate inconsistency in trial execution.

Our high-volume research sites are ready to enroll immediately, and they can deploy local recruiting tactics in addition to using our centralized patient recruitment function. Engaging with a site whose investigators and study teams know patients within their communities, and who can recruit them independently, means we have multiple ways of reaching potential patients. Our 700 investigators take a proactive role in your study. As part of protocol and trial design, our investigators continually look for ways to bring efficiency to your trial across all site and operational strategies.   

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Single centrally managed solution can simplify your trial execution

Certainty of delivery

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Focused sites

Sites solely focused on clinical trial recruitment and enrollment

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Consistent standard operating procedures and quality control worldwide

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Wide geographic reach

Wide geographic reach but deployment of sites best focused toward study goals

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Single vendor and contract

Ease of working with a single vendor and contract


  1. Tufts Center for the Study of Drug Development, Impact Report, January/February 2021