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Ensuring Diversity in Clinical Trials

Ensure the right diversity in your clinical trial

Many factors influence how people react to therapies, including age, gender, race and ethnic background. Achieving the right diversity in a clinical trial is critical to testing potential therapies and ensuring treatment is effective for all patients who need them. Reaching diverse populations often means recruiting using targeted community outreach to access patients through familiar, local and well-trusted connections within their communities.

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Acknowledged by government bodies for diversity achievement in COVID-19 vaccine trials

AES can reach diverse populations

AES overcomes these issues by addressing cultural decision drivers for diverse populations.  As part of our study design, we work with you to select sites with the right geographic and ethnic diverse populations. We ensure multicultural physicians across the site network and educate all staff on cultural practices.

AES engages with community groups to meet potential patients “where they live.” Our community outreach includes retirement communities, local churches and barber shops. We understand how to build partnerships working with trusted people in local communities to educate and advocate for clinical research, including the benefits of study participation. When needed, our patient recruitment materials are available in multiple languages and use imagery meant to engage diverse populations.

AES’ patient database includes more than 10 million individuals with conditions in multiple therapeutic areas who have self-identified as belonging to a community of color. When racial/ethnic information is not available, AES uses various database methodologies to approximate race/ethnic population concentrations and expand our reach to targeted diverse populations with confidence. We also provide conveniences to help maximize patient participation, using flexible, online, patient-directed scheduling in addition to convenient appointment times, virtual office visits and telehealth options.

Using best practices to address diversity considerations

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Engaging with patient groups

Engaging with patient advocacy and community groups to build trust in local communities

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Site selection

Selecting sites to include geographies with diverse populations

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Patient database

Patient database with more than 10 million individuals self-identified as belonging to a community of color

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