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Full-service Solution

Finding the right sites and well-qualified patients

If you’re enrolling a complex trial, you may struggle to recruit the patients you need. The average Phase III protocol has 87 sites across 14 countries and collects close to four million data points.1 Sites often struggle to meet difficult inclusion/exclusion and diversity criteria. Plus, managing multiple sites and vendors creates additional challenges of maintaining consistent performance.

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AES provides access to more than 150 high-enrolling research sites throughout the world

Patient Recruitment


Past performance provides confidence to predict future results


Advanced data modeling predicts the patients most likely to enroll


Localized campaigns contact patients how they prefer to engage


Centralized platform confirms eligibility consistently worldwide


Proactive site follow-up to support randomizing patients

Integrated Network

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Global footprint enables worldwide scale with a single site contract

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Research-dedicated teams ensure patient safety and data quality

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Standardized global procedures deliver uniform conduct and quality globally

How we can help

With our Integrated Network & Patient Recruitment solution, we offer a single, centrally managed solution that expands on our patient recruitment to recruit patients directly into AES research sites, delivering the number of patients needed from fewer sites.

AES provides access to more than 150 high-enrolling research sites throughout the world, with a focus on selecting sites for each study that will deliver the most qualified patients. Our extensive global footprint allows site scalability across a wide geographic reach and ensures consistent high quality based on standard operating procedures.

Strong global footprint to recruit and execute studies

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Experienced investigators and teams

Staffed by experienced investigators and teams dedicated exclusively to clinical research

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Faster startup times

Faster startup times compared to industry average

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Extensive global site services solution

Extensive global site services solution, including five continents, 16 countries and more than 150 sites throughout the world, purpose-built to support large volumes of patients

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State-of-the-art facilities

State-of-the-art facilities designed for large volumes of study patients

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One contract

Centralized operations under one contract to simplify trial execution

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  1. Tufts Center for the Study of Drug Development, Impact Report, January/February 2021