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Patient Identification

Advanced data modeling predicts patients most likely to enroll

Unsurprisingly, clinical research site staff are better clinicians than marketers. In a competitive trial environment, some sites may not find any patients. We know patients engage differently. We identify patients who align with our patient profile across demographics like age, ethnicity and geographies. We are skilled at recruiting and engaging patients in communities near local research sites and, more specifically, at finding well-qualified patients who meet the inclusion, exclusion and diversity criteria of your study. 

We model thousands of variables from first-party data provided to us directly by patients to identify the patients you need. This includes data provided through sophisticated consumer databases and exclusive partnerships with other companies that collect demographic, psychographic and behavioral information. We know what conditions patients have, the medicines they’re taking, their buying patterns and their level of interest to take part in a trial.

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Database with permissioned data from 100 million households

Direct relationships with patients

Unlike other clinical trial recruitment companies that use anonymized third-party data compiled by data aggregators, we have direct relationships with patients.  We’re always recruiting patients for studies. If a patient doesn’t qualify for one study, we are able to identify quickly whether they may fit the criteria for another study in their disease area. This ongoing, direct access to patients makes us faster and more flexible.

A database that’s constantly being refined

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Understanding of patients

In-depth understanding of patients – driven by first-party data

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Pre-screened patients

20 million pre-screened patients we’ve already spoken to in depth

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Continuous analysis

Continuous analysis of new data for our database to feed back into our recruiting models