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Study Planning

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Clinical trials require extensive planning. Global trials, in particular, can be delayed by their own complexity. The need to coordinate between multiple sites, partners and vendors is challenging.

AES has planned and executed clinical trials for more than 25 years. This experience gives us significant qualitative and quantitative data about the standard of care and typical recruitment and enrollment challenges that patients experience. We utilize insights from proprietary patient research to develop patient profiles and tailor our recruitment messaging.

We understand the need for patients to educate themselves about the best possible treatment plan, especially if they lack caregivers, and we tailor our recruitment as needed. Our experience helps ensure your trial recruits the right patients and reaches your enrollment target on time.

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AES has planned and executed clinical trials for more than 25 years

Optimal strategies and tactics

Our experience and data collected through the years help us identify the optimal strategies and tactics and customize these efforts for each study. This makes recruitment bespoke in its process and able to perform at maximum efficiency.

Our experience makes your trial efficient

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Optimal strategies

Optimal strategies and tactics ready for your use

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Customized plan

Customized plan to reach your enrollment targets

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