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Our Work

Through a pay-for-performance model that demonstrates our commitment to delivering patients for our customers, AES Patients combines unrivaled data and modeling, targeted direct-to-patient recruiting, standardized patient pre-screening, and rapid patient referral and follow-up to provide qualified patients to clinical trial sites worldwide.

By integrating our patient recruitment with more than 150 AES-owned and partnered research sites, the AES Sites & Patients solution provides the ease of a single, centrally managed source that delivers consistent site operations and quality worldwide, and patients from fewer sites in less time.

These solutions are backed by 25 years of experience supporting more than 4,700 clinical studies. To date, AES has achieved key industry milestones and innovations including the development of:

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The first of its kind

The first web-based patient recruitment tracking and management platform

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Highly accurate

Highly accurate and predictive patient enrollment models, supported by a large team of analytics and feasibility experts

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Advanced data modeling

Advanced data modeling that allows us to continuously grow our 100M+ identified patient database with well-qualified patients

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Highly efficient consumer marketing operation

A highly efficient consumer marketing operation to target and recruit well-qualified patients into specific studies

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Digital capabilities

Digital capabilities to drive rapid site setup and safely screen and treat large volumes of patients throughout our global network of 150+ clinical research sites

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Site enrollment optimization teams

Site enrollment optimization teams that work directly with sites to drive patient referrals

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Global sites

Global sites that operate using standard operating procedures and seasoned investigators

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Capabilities for vaccine and IBD indications

Patient recruitment and research site capabilities for vaccine and IBD indications (e.g., subject pre-pooling, PBMC labs, partnerships with gastrointestinal specialty sites, and the MyColo app)