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The Changing Face of Trial Recruitment Webinar

Site-only and Recruitment Provider Options

Competition within the drug development industry continues to intensify and competing for clinical investigators and trial recruitment is no exception. While pharma and biotech companies invest heavily in marketing approved drugs, they often do not employ that same market research and marketing expertise when it comes to targeting, positioning and communicating the value of clinical trials to study sites and patients. The research data underscores the high stakes and urgent need for companies to improve the clinical trial process. Effective communications can result in better selected study sites and drive trial recruitment and patient retention, saving time and money in clinical trials. In this webinar, experts discuss:

  • The pros and cons of a local recruitment model through a site network.
  • How a solid patient recruitment database can help find the right patients faster.
  • The benefits of integrated site and patient recruitment offerings and when they work best.
  • How various recruitment options work to ensure diverse representation in trials.
  • If some therapeutic areas are better suited to the various recruitment options available.
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