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Clinical Trial Patient Recruitment

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Clinical Trial Patient Recruitment

Fast. Flexible. Full-Service.

Tight timelines. Increasing competition. Complex protocols and eligibility criteria. Clinical trial patient recruitment is more challenging than ever. We can help. Introducing more flexible patient recruitment options that scale to your needs and budget.

Speed and patient-centricity will always be our core.

No matter which of our solutions you choose, you can be assured we will move as efficiently as possible with quality and expertise you can trust. Patients are at the center of all that we do. Learn more about how we minimize patient burden and take a patient-centric approach to recruiting and trials.

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See How AES Delivers a New Standard in Clinical Trial Productivity

Flexibility to Recruit the Right Patients

Clinical studies aren’t one-size-fits-all. And neither are our recruitment solutions. We offer a variety of options to meet your needs.

Clinical Research Network

Clinical Trial Patient Recruitment

Integrated Network & Patient Recruitment

Clinical trial diversity for patient enrollment is critical. Yet most trials do not meet optimal diverse representation. AES can help.

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of trial participants identify as white/of European descent 1 which does not reflect real-world populations.

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Almost 40% of all sites remain below their enrollment target.2

Learn How Diversity in Clinical Trials Drives Better Patient Outcomes

Take Your Clinical Research Network to The Next Level

community based patient recruitment


Community-Based Recruitment on a Global Scale.

This has enabled us to establish deep relationships, strong awareness, and diverse patient engagement. Through a combination of country-specific community outreach, partnerships with non-profits, faith-based organizations, local influencers, as well as general physician referral networks, we reach the patients you need for your study.

Community-based recruitment solutions are often used for indications such as hypertension, obesity, diabetes, osteoporosis and cardiovascular outcomes. Here’s why you should consider a community-based recruitment solution:

  • You want consistent site performance as well as flexible contracting – choose from site, country-level, or single contracting.
  • You want to reach and recruit more diverse patient populations. Our community-based recruitment solution delivers more diverse clinical trials consistent with the target disease population. This is driven by identifying and engaging the patients most likely to participate within specific racial and ethnic groups.

More Solutions to Meet Your Needs

community based patient recruitment

Learn more about our new offering.

global health


Strong global footprint. Stronger support.

Nearly half of research sites under-enroll or recruit no patients at all, so engaging a partner with a large, global site network means you have greater flexibility to identify and select the right sites for your program.1

Learn more about our global reach.

Clinical Trial Patient Recruitment Strategies That Work

Patient recruitment performance


When numbers need to be certain, you can choose our pay-for-performance solution.

The average trial requires patients to meet 31 inclusion/exclusion criteria.2 That’s 31 reasons why our pay-for-performance solution is still the right choice for sponsors. We flip the traditional clinical trial patient recruitment model by identifying and recruiting patients first, then referring them to study sites. 

More Solutions to Meet Your Needs

Patient recruitment performance

Learn how our pay-for-performance solution delivers 2x the patient enrollment rates compared to the industry average.

Patient Recruitment-marketing


Need to add more power to your recruiting? Our recruitment marketing experts can help.

Now you can have the strength of AES’s direct-to-patient recruiting knowledge on your side. This fee-for-service solution makes it easy to expand your patient outreach. From online to localized campaigns – we can drive enrollment with a full suite of marketing tactics:

  • Online Search
  • Social media
  • TV
  • Print
  • Radio
  • Out-of-home (OOH) advertising
  • Third-party Ads
  • Email
  • Direct mail
  • Calls
  • Patient database
  • And more!

Learn more about our new offering.

Integrated Site Network & Patient Recruitment for a
Full-service Solution

Full service Patient Recruitment


The value of our full-service solution is seen at every step.

What results can you expect when you integrate our site network and patient recruitment solutions? Maximum efficiency, integration, customization, and patient centricity.

We can tailor a custom solution to your exact needs. You’ll enjoy the simplicity of one single, centrally managed solution that brings together everything you need for recruitment success. Our integrated systems make site collaboration efficient. Patients appreciate the simplicity of an integrated experience that puts them at the center.

More Solutions to Meet Your Needs

Full service Patient Recruitment

Learn more about our full-service solution.

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  1. FDA drug trial snapshot 2020: https://www.fda.gov/media/145718/download
  2. Tufts Center for the Study of Drug Development, Impact Report, January/February 2021