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Patient access

Our proprietary databases of more than 100 million households and 20 million pre-screened study candidates offer access to the 95% of the population not available within a normal site's database or marketing abilities. We make it possible for sponsors to enroll 30%-80% of the patients they’ll need for their trial.

Site conduct

With a global site infrastructure of over 160 standardized sites across 16 countries, AES helps you achieve more from a smaller number of sites, improving trial productivity and often reducing cost. Our centralized command and control of site conduct allows for consistent operations and quality worldwide.

Performance pricing

Our fee structure is based on delivery of what you need...randomized patients to your trial. Our Global pay-for-performance price guarantee is unconventional in the industry but is a product of the high confidence level we have in the results we can produce.

AES makes it possible to find you the AES makes it possible to find you the right sites & patients for your next trial.